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What are the different types of large crowbar chisel and point crowbar?

What is a chisel and point crowbar?

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Chisel and Point Crowbar - Pointed End, Chisel Edge Chisel and point crowbars appear similar to the digging bar (see: What is a digging bar?), but are actually quite different in design. The chisel end of the crowbar is shorter, and the overall design thicker and heavier than that of the digging bar, for levering larger objects.
The pointed end of a chisel and point crowbar breaking through concrete - Illustration by Alec Mcleod The pencil point allows users to break through hard ground easily, and increases point load to make cracking concrete or rock less strenuous. The chisel edge allows the holder to penetrate tight spaces (e.g. between paving slabs) when levering.
Weight Comparison, showing that chisel and point crowbar is much heavier than digging bar Because the chisel and point crowbar is so heavy, it is not recommended for use where a digging bar would be better – a digging bar is lighter, for repeated lifting and driving down into the ground.
   WONKEE DONKEE says: For digging, there's no better bar than a digging bar!
Chisel and point crowbars available range from around 1.2 – 1.8m (3’11’ – 5’10”) and weigh from 4.5kg – 9.8kg (9lb – 21lb). They are usually more expensive than digging bars of the same size, due to their thicker, heavier construction.
Like the digging bar, chisel and point crowbars are suitable for a wide range of tasks, including:
Levering boulder
  • Levering heavy objects such as tires, tree stumps, heavy boxes, large boulders and paving slabs
Prying a safe open
  • Prying
Clearing land
  • Clearing ground

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