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What is a digging bar?

What is a digging bar?

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Digging Bar with Chisel Edge and Pointed Tip

Digging bars available range from 1.5 to 1.8m (4’11” to 5’10”) long and weigh from 6 to 8kg (13lb to 17lb). They can have a pencil point or diamond point at one end, and a straight or bent chisel edge at the other.

Digging bars are suitable for everyday digging and clearing work, and for larger projects such as:

A Small Pond

As an aid when digging a hole for a pond or water feature.

A Shallow or Ornamental Water Well

Digging a shallow or ornamental water well.

A Barbecue

As an aid when creating a barbecue pit.

A Garden Swing

Placing swing-sets, hammocks or Hollywood Swings.

Patio Furniture

Clearing ground for a patio area.

A Garden Path

Clearing ground to create a pathway.

A Garden Hedge

Removing a hedge or shrubbery from your garden, or digging a hole to plant a new hedge or shrubbery in your garden.

A Vegetable Patch

Clearing an unwanted flowerbed or vegetable patch, or digging a new flowerbed or vegetable patch.

A Tree

Removing an unwanted tree or stump, or removing a tree for replanting.

Clearing turf

Clearing turf.

Garden Shed

As an aid when clearing and digging the foundation for a garden shed or summerhouse.

An outdoor sculpture

Clearing and digging the foundation for a sculpture or other exterior artwork.

Treasure Map

Wonkee Donkee uses his digging bar to hunt for buried treasure!

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