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What are the different types of telegraph digger bar?

 What is a telegraph digger bar?

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Telegraph Bar - Extra Wide Chisel Edge, Pointed Tip, Hexagonal Shaft Telegraph digger bars are designed for heavier duty breaking and incorporate an extra wide chisel edge, to speed up the digging process, and a pointed tip for focused impacts when breaking concrete or rock.
A telegraph digger bar's length in comparison to a human and a telegraph pole The telegraph digger bar is the heaviest digging bar available, weighing about  2¾kg (6lb). Its long length of 2.8m (9ft) makes it ideal for lining up tall posts.
Telegraph Pole This kind of bar is suitable for heavy duty digging tasks, such as:

Planting a telegraph pole (as the name suggests!)

Traffic Lights  Public works such as lamp posts, traffic lights, and signposts
A Functional Well Digging for a functioning well.
Large Tree Trunk Removing large tree stumps.
Roots Removing thick roots.
Broken Concrete Breaking through thin concrete, rock, or tarmac.

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