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What is a bent chisel/slate bar?

What is a bent chisel/slate bar?

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Bent Chisel Bar - Pointed Tip, Bent Chisel

Bent chisel digging bars, also called slate bars, are long and narrow with a diamond point tip at one end and a bent chisel edge at the other. The shaft is usually hexagonal, which aids the user’s grip.  

 Diagram of a Bent Chisel Bar's Fulcrum The bent chisel’s angle acts as an inbuilt fulcrum, negating the need to insert a block of wood or other ‘stand-in’ fulcrum under the end of the bar when levering objects.
Image Showing 16 Cans of Heinz Beans is Approximately 6.5kg These bars are usually available at a length of around 1.5m (4’11”) – a little longer than a standard household broom – and weigh about 6.5kg (14lb) – approximately the same as 16 cans of Heinz Beans.
Carbon Steel As they are mainly used for prying and lifting heavy objects, and for breaking ground, they should be forged and heat treated for strength. Most are made from carbon steel.
A Digging Bar with a Polished Tip Being Used to Break Concrete A polished finish may help the chisel edge to penetrate tight spaces, and reduce friction when breaking hard ground, or thin layers of concrete, tarmac or rock, with the diamond point.

Best suited to:

Placeholder Levering heavy objects (without the need for an added fulcrum)
Broken Concrete Breaking up thin layers of concrete, tarmac or clustered rock

Closely Stacked Concrete Blocks Separating heavy objects which are tightly packed together

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