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How to use a large crowbar as a lever?

 How to use a large crowbar as a lever

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Which design is best?

Warehouse bar with L-end The best large crowbar for most levering applications is the warehouse bar – the ‘L-end’ of this bar provides an inbuilt fulcrum for increased leverage. As the bar is designed for heavy duty lifting and loading, a large amount of force can be applied to the bar by the user with less risk of deformation (bending and breaking).
A pinch point crowbar or chisel and point crowbar may be useful when penetrating tight spaces For objects which are packed very tightly together, or whose weight makes it difficult to insert the bar’s end beneath them, a pinch point bar’s tapered edge or the narrow chisel end of a chisel and point crowbar may be appropriate – either alone, or as an aid for use alongside a warehouse bar.

What else will you need?

Warehouse bar with L-end If you are using a warehouse bar with an L-end, you won’t need anything else beside the bar itself.
A wooden block can be used as a fulcrum If the bar you are using is straight, such as a pinch point or chisel and point bar, you will need to add a fulcrum – for this, a block of wood is a cheap and effective option.

Wonkee’s hoof-by-hoof guide: How to use a crowbar as a lever

Fulcrum positioning 1. If the bar you are using is straight (pinch point, chisel and point), insert a fulcrum between the ground and the shaft of the bar, close to the object to be moved.

A lever is inserted under the edge of an object 2. Insert the end of your crowbar beneath the edge of the object to be moved – keeping the shaft in contact with the fulcrum.

Pressure is applied to the end of the crowbar 3. Apply force to the opposite end of the bar.

The object begins to move 4. Continue to apply force until the object begins to move.

Apply steady and controlled force until the object is lifted as desired 5. Apply steady and controlled force until the object is lifted as desired.

Placeholder 6. Steady and secure the object.

7. Either insert the vehicle you will be using to transport the object underneath the lifted edge…


Neatly stack boxes wait to be loaded into a lorry …Repeat the process until the object has been moved as required.

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