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Parts of a Large Crowbar

What are the parts of a large crowbar?

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  Parts of a Large Crowbar - End 1, tamper or pointed tip, Shaft, usually cylindrical, hexagonal or half-round, End 2, pinch point, chisel edge, L-end

Types of large crowbar end

Tamper End

Tamper end

A blunt end, used to tamp (flatten) down earth.

Pointed tip

Pointed tip

A pointed end which makes inserting the bar beneath objects easier, for levering applications. The point also channels the force of impact into one point, making it easier to drive through thin tarmac, concrete & rock.

Pinch point end

Pinch point

A tapered, wedge-like edge used to penetrate tight spaces when using as a lever or prying bar.

Chisel edge

Chisel edge

Similar to that of a digging bar, but shorter and thicker. Force is channeled into the chisel’s edge for breaking applications, and it is also sturdy enough to be used when levering heavy objects.



For heavy-duty loading and lifting – an L-end on a bar provides a large, in-built fulcrum, for levering very heavy objects.

Types of large crowbar shaft


Cylindrical shaft

A completely rounded shaft, which can make it easier to penetrate hard ground.


Hexagonal shaft

A six-sided shaft which aids grip in wet or otherwise slippery conditions, and makes it easier to apply force to end of the bar when levering, by providing a flat edge (or six!) for the hand to rest on.



Allows the user to line up the chisel edge of the crowbar by sight, and provides a flat edge on which to apply force.

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