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What is a static grip door and board carrier?

What is a static grip door and board carrier?

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Using a door carrier or board carrier to move sheets of materials makes it much easier than trying to lift it by hand Static grip door and board carriers come in two basic designs: they have either two or three static arms. Sheet materials are held between two arms.

They are designed to be used in pairs by two people, one gripping either end of a sheet.

Two arm static grip door and board carrier

Door carriers or board carriers can have static gripping arms to carry plywood The static grip door and board carrier with two static arms has a handle which moves. The way the handle can be adjusted allows the carrier to be used from either side of a sheet of material, and in any hand.

For more information, see What are the parts of a static grip door and board carrier?

Three arm static door and board carrier

Three arm door or board carrier uses two of the arms to grip. They come in patir for lifting plasterboard and other boards The door and board carrier with three static arms is shaped in a way that means one arm acts as a handle while the other two grip a sheet’s edge. This carrier can also be used on either side of the board, with either hand.

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