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How to use a static grip door and board carrier?

How to use a static grip door and board carrier?

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Door carriers or board carriers make moving sheet materials easier Some static grip door and board carriers can be used with materials up to 125mm (5″) thick, depending on the distance between the gripping arms. Make sure the weight and thickness of the sheet is appropriate for the carrier before trying to lift it.
Use a door or board carrier to carry large sheets of materials easily

Step 1 – Position carriers

Place the edge of the sheet material between two static gripping arms. This should be done by both people, on either side of the sheet at the same time.

Tilting and lifting the handle on static grip door or board carriers allows you to carry various boards

Step 2 – Engage grip

Lift the handle so the gripping arms tilt. As you lift the handle the arms will hold the sheet firmly between them.

Some door or board carriers need two people to carry large sheets of materials

Step 3 – Lift

Once both carriers are gripping the material it can be lifted. Hold the carriers steady and in a constant position as you carry them.

Most door or board carriers use the pressure of lifting the sheet to keep a grip on it

Step 4 – Release

Once you have moved the material to where it needs to be you can carefully put it down. Once it’s supported by the floor the angle of the gripping arms can be tilted down, so the sheet is released.

Wonkee Donkee says "Another type of board carrier you can get is a surfboard carrier, these will not be so good at carrying doors or plasterboards!"

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