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What are the parts of a gripper door and board carrier?

What are the parts of a gripper door and board carrier?

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Gripper door or board carriers are sometimes called door or board lifters
Gripper door carriers or board carriers can lift from the edge of a sheet Gripper door and board carriers are designed to clamp onto the edge of sheet materials and provide a handle to make them easier to carry.


The gripper door or board carrier has a padded handle When the handle is lifted up, with an appropriate sheet between the clamping pads, the clamp will close. The weight of the sheet works against the handle to keep the grip secured. The handle will usually have a rubber coating for comfort.

Clamping pads

Gripper types of door or board carrier have padded clamping pads The pads have a relatively large surface area for clamping onto the edge of a sheet of material without marking it. They’re rubber coated to provide friction for gripping. The thickness each gripper door or board carrier can hold will depend on individual specifications.

Joining bolts

carrying plasterboard and drywall is easier with a board or panel carrier The joining bolts of gripper door and board carrier attach the pads to the handle. The top one works as a pivot point while the bottom one holds the smaller pads at the correct angle for gripping.

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