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What are the different types of door and board carrier?

What are the different types of door and board carrier?

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Some door carriers use a clamp while other board carriers hold a board from below Door and board carriers come in two basic designs: clamp carriers, which grip the top or side edge of a sheet, and base carriers, which support a sheet from below so it can be lifted. There are a few different types of clamping carriers.

Clamp door and board carriers

Some board carriers use a clamping system to grip a sheet or board of material

Gripper door and board carriers

Gripper door and board carriers clamp onto an edge when the handle is lifted, and hold it until the handle is released. These come in several sizes, for materials of different thicknesses.

Board carriers are used to carry plywood, chipboard, plasterboard and similar panels They are specifically designed to make it easier for one person to carry sheet materials like plasterboard and plywood.

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Board carriers and door carriers come in different designs

Static grip door and board carriers

This carrier doesn’t have moving clamp parts; instead, it uses two stable rubber-coated gripping arms. They’re sold in pair as they need to be used by two people. They should be positioned so they go either side of the edge of the sheet, which is held firmly in position when the handle is lifted.

door carrier, board carrier, panel carrier and plasterboard carrier are names for tools to carry sheet material The heavier the sheet, the greater the grip will be. Two people, with a carrier each, one at either end of the sheet, are needed when lifting with this type.

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Some board carriers or door carriers have just one handle which clamps them to a surface

Clamp grip door and board carriers

Clamp grip carriers can be used to clamp onto the sides of a sheet to carry it. They can be moved along an edge and positioned for comfortable lifting. They have rounded clamps with a rubber coating so they have a soft grip.

Carry clamps and clamp grip carriers are types of board or door carrier, they carry large heavy slabs like granite They can be used by one person by clamping the top of a sheet, but they are usually used in pairs, by two people, as they are designed for lifting particularly heavy materials such as granite.

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Some board carriers have two handles so two people can carry it at once

Door and board carry clamps

Carry clamps are usually designed specifically for lifting particularly heavy sheets of materials, such as granite slabs or glass panes. They clamp onto sheets when the handle is lifted. They can have either one or two handles.

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Base door and board carriers

Door or board carriers sometimes lift a board from below with a handle These types of carrier are probably the most basic design. They have a lip, or plate, which goes underneath the bottom edge of a sheet. Then the handle is used to lift the material. The user’s free hand can be used to support the sheet as it’s being carried.

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