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Are there any alternatives to door and board carriers?

Are there any alternatives to door and board carriers?

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Carrying large boards or any other sheet materials can be difficult, board or door carriers should make it easier Lifting and transporting large sheet form materials is always difficult, especially with just one person. Door and board carriers are designed to make the task much easier, but, there are few alternatives you might be able to use to instead.


You could use a g clamp or c clamp to create a handle on a large sheet of material to make it easier to move Sometimes called a C-clamp, this basic clamp design can also be used to create a handle on sheet materials, making it easier to manoeuvre them. G-clamps come in different sizes, so they should be able to clamp onto various materials. They use a screw to tighten and loosen the clamp. They only grip with a small surface area so they won’t be suitable for very heavy sheets and could damage the surface of some materials.

Board moving trolleys

You can get trollies or dollies to transport large sheets of materials These trolleys can be used in a similar way to a base door and board carrier, as they support a sheet from below. They have wheels so they can push materials across the floor, rather than lifting them. Sometimes they’re referred to as door or board carriers, or board moving dollies.
Board carriers with wheels are often called board moving trollies They come in a variety of designed, for use with different materials and sizes of sheet materials. The most basic design is simply a support base with a wheel either side. A sheet is rested on the support, held in place by the user, and pushed along on the wheels. Other design features trolleys can have include handles, clamps, and extra wide bases, for holding thicker sheets or more than one sheet at a time.

Vacuum cup lifters

A suction cup or vacuum cup lifter can be used to lift some materials Vacuum cup lifters can be used to lift a variety of materials in sheet form. The work by having two, or more, suction cups which can grip onto a smooth surface and form a handle. They can only be used with materials with a completely smooth surface, such as sheets of metal, glass, or ceramic.

Plasterboard lift

plasterboard lifts or drywall lifts can also be called hoists If a sheet of material needs to be lifted particularly high, or held for long periods – for instance, when fitting panels to ceilings – you might need a plasterboard lift. They’re sometimes called plasterboard hoists and board lifters. A board can be attached to the lift, so it is held firmly in place, then raised to various heights and moved along the floor on its wheels. These will be a lot more expensive than standard door or board carriers.
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