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What are the parts of a base door and board carrier?

What are the parts of a base door and board carrier?

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Base door carriers or board carriers are simple tools with a handle and lip to hold a board or panel
Use a door or board carrier to move sheet materials around worksites Base door and board carriers are used to make lifting and carrying sheet material easier for one person, by working as an extension to your arm.


Base door or board carriers lift boards up with their handle The handle of a base door or board carrier should be easy to hold. You use the handle to lift and carry any sheet materials while your free hand can be used to support the sheet or move any obstacles as you move.

Support lip

Door or board carriers make moving plasterboard, window panes and other panels much easier A ledge at the bottom of the carrier supports the material to be carried. The ledge is usually lined with rubber, increasing the frictional grip of the board.

The ledge usually incorporates a lip to prevent the board or sheet from falling off. A carrier with a narrow, lipped ledge will not be designed to support thicker materials. The product specification will give you the maximum board thickness that the carrier can accommodate.

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