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What are the parts of a door and board carry clamp?

What are the parts of a door and board carry clamp?

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double handed door or board carrier clamps can clamp onto heavy materials to make them easier to carry
Carrying clamps Grip tightly to the edge of sheet materials Door and board carry clamps are designed to clamp onto sheet materials, providing a handle to make them easier to lift and carry.


Carry clamps can be used to lift and move heavy sheet materials like stone, marble, granite or glass For both the single- and double-handled carry clamp, when the handle is lifted the clamp closes. Once the clamp is in place the handles are used to carry the sheet.

Clamping pads

Door or board carry clamsp can als be called panel carriers or glass panel carriers The clamping pads of carry clamps will firmly grip sheet materials when the handles are lifted.

Gripping arms 

Some door or board carry clamps grip a surface with gripping arms Gripping arms on carry clamps work in the same was as clamping pads. They come together when the handles are lifted, clamping to the edge of a sheet.

What are the parts of a vice carry clamp?

Carry clamps can carry boards, panels and slabs
Vice grip carry clamps can carry granite and concrete slabs Vice carry clamps offer a more permanent grip on sheet material. They can be clamp on and left until removed – they don’t just rely on someone lifting the handles.


Vice carry clamps have two handles, which means they can be lifted by one or two people at once. Vice carry clamps have two handles, which means they can be lifted by one or two people at once. They are foam-coated for a softer grip.

Clamping pads

Carry clamps clamp onto sheets to carry them The clamping pads on this carry clamp are longer than on other carry clamps. This means they grip over a larger surface area, making them more secure.

Vice screws

Vice grip carry clamps are screwed into place Where other carry clamps grip from the action of lifting the handles, vice carry clamps have screws which are tightened to provide the grip. Once the screws have been tightened they will stay clamped in place until they’re unscrewed.

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