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How to use a door and board carry clamp?

How to use a door and board carry clamp

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Some door or board carriers are heavy-duty and are sometimes called carry clamps Door and board carry clamps are heavy-duty carriers for use with heavy sheet materials like hardwood doors or worktops.
Position the carry clamps where you want to attach them on the edge of the board or panel

Step 1 – Position carrier

Place the clamping pads or gripping arms of the door or board carry clamp at the edge of the sheet material, in the position you want to grip from.

Using a door or board carry clamp should make it easier to lift heavy panels and boards of stone or wood

Step 2 – Lift handle

Lift all handles at the same time. The action of lifting the handles will close the clamp. Once the clamp is secure you can lift and carry the sheet material.

Door or borad carry clamsp have a secure grip to lift heavy sheets of materials like granite and glass

Step 3 – Release

Once you have moved the sheet to where you want it you can put it down on a secure surface. To release the clamps allow the weight of the sheet to be supported and push the handles down.

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