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What is a clamp grip door and board carrier?

What is a clamp grip door and board carrier?

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Single handed door or board carriers allow you to use one hand to carry the panel and leaves one hand free Clamp grip door and board carriers are designed to clamp onto a sheet of material at any position along one of its edges. This means it can be used to lift sheets from the side or from above, as well as pull sheets horizontally out of racks or across surfaces. They are often called stone panel lifters.
Some panel or board carriers can be used with one hand They are usually designed for lifting heavy-duty materials and are often sold in pairs, to be used by two people at a time. Most clamp grip carriers should be strong enough to be used with large sheets of materials which are particularly heavy, like large glass panes or granite slabs. There are several sizes of these carriers, for use with different thicknesses of materials.
Single handed panel carriers or board carriers or door carriers make carrying sheet material easier They usually come with a single handle, which means the user will have their second hand free for extra support or to move things out of the way, like opening doors. Some have a double T-bar handle, so they can be held by two hands or two people.

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