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What are the parts of a clamp grip door and board carrier?

What are the parts of a clamp grip door and board carrier?

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Clamp grip door or board carriers can carry panels and sheets of different materials
Door or board carriers move panels, sheets, drywall and plasterboard easily Clamp grip door and board carriers are heavy-duty carriers.


Some clamping board or door carriers use one handle The handles of clamp grip door and board carriers are usually coated with rubber or plastic for a comfortable grip. Most of these carriers have a single handle, but some have a T-bar handle, so they can be held by two people, or with two hands.

Clamping grips

The clamping grip parts of single handed board or door carriers grip the edges of sheet materials The clamping grips of these carriers are shaped in such a way that they will pivot open when pushed down onto a sheet and clamp shut when they are lifted. The distance apart at which they’re set will determine the thicknesses of materials they can be used with.
Clamping onto side and top They are positioned so they can be used to grip a sheet from the top or from the side. They can be clamped onto any part of the edge of a sheet, so they can be held comfortably in various positions.

Once they’ve been unclamped, the grips automatically return to their resting position, as they’re spring loaded.

Joining bolts

Carry clamps can carry large heavy boards and panels Each clamping grip is joined to the handle with a bolt. The grips pivot on these bolts to move closer together or further apart, allowing them to grip different thickness of sheets.

Release cable

The parts of clamping carriers include a handle and clamp grips. Some have a cable to release the grips Some door and board carriers have an added cable which is used to open the clamping grips. This is designed to make it easier to attach and remove the carrier. It works by pulling up a trigger loop by the handle which pulls a cable up and opens the grips.

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