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Door and Board Carrier Maintenance and Care

Door and board carrier maintenance and care

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Door or board carriers should not need to have much maintenance to keep them working correctly Most door and board carriers don’t require much effort to maintain. If they are looked after, and used within their specifications, they should last a long time.

Base door and board carrier maintenance and care

Keep tools clean and dry so they last as long as possible


Base door or board carriers have no moving parts, so they should require very little maintenance. Before storing any tools, it’s advisable to make sure they are clean and dry, particularly if they have steel parts, as they could rust.

Store your tools in clean dry places to keep them safe and in good working order


Storing them where they won’t get exposed to the weather should mean whatever material they’re made of will stay in its best condition for longer.

Clamping door and board carrier maintenance

Use general purpose oil on metal moving parts to keep them smooth and rust free

Moving parts

Clamping types of door and board carrier have moving parts joined with pins, screws, or bolts. These joints will usually be steel and will benefit from occasional oiling with a general purpose oil. This should keep joint movements smooth and help prevent rusting.

Keep tools clean and dry so they don't corrode or rust. Store all your tools safely.

Cleaning and storing

As with any tool, it’s best to store clamping door or board carriers somewhere they will not be damaged or exposed to weather. Before storing them, always make sure they are clean and dry; this should prevent any corrosion of the tool.

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