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What is a base door and board carrier?

What is a base door and board carrier?

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Base door carriers or base board carriers help single people lift large sheets of material Base door and board carriers are very basic carriers. They are used to make holding and carrying large sheet material easier, by providing a supporting grip from below.
Lifting large boards or panels is made easier with base door or board carriers They allow the user to hold the sheet with their arm in a relaxed position, down by their side. These carriers assist a single person to carry sheets they would normally struggle to hold on their own.
Smaller versions of panel carriers are small enough to fit in tool belts and tool boxes Usually, base door and board carriers are relatively long, allowing you to support particularly large sheets of material. There are ‘pocket’ versions available which are much shorter. These work in the same way as longer carriers but mean the sheet will be held in a higher position from the ground.
Wonkee Donkee says "Large sheet material can be difficult to hold onto, door and board carriers provide a handle to grip."

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