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What is a gripper door and board carrier?

What is a gripper door and board carrier?

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The gripper type of door or board carrier works like a clamp A gripper door and board carrier works by clamping onto the top or side of a sheet of material, providing a handle to carry it with. This allows just one person to carry sheet material that might otherwise be difficult to grip.
The gripper type of clamping board or door lifter grips boards from the edge The pads automatically clamp onto the edge of a sheet as the handle is lifted. When the handle is loosened, and the weight of the sheet slacks, the clamp releases. Gripper carriers can be attached to any position along an edge of sheet material.
The weight of a board engages the clamp on a gripper door or board carrier They can usually be used to carry sheets weighing up to 90 kg, depending on how much you can lift. They are available in different size ranges, so they can be used is various thicknesses of sheets.

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