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How to use a base door and board carrier?

How to use a base door and board carrier?

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Base door or board carriers are often called panel carriers or drywall carriers Base door and board carriers are designed to be placed under the bottom edge of sheet materials to lift and move them around a worksite.
Panel carriers can lift and carry sheets of plywood, MDF and other boards

Step 1 – Position carrier

Slide the ledge at the bottom of the base carrier under the sheet material. You may need to lift the sheet slightly to get it under. Position the carrier midway to balance and lift the sheet.

Lift large board materials easier with door or board carriers or panel carriers

Step 2 – Lift and carry

Using your dominant hand on the handle of the carrier, lift the sheet, using your other hand to support it. Once you feel secure holding the sheet, you can move it to its destination.

Put the board down and alsde out the carrier. Panel carriers and board carriers make lifting sheet material easier

Step 3 – Put down

Once you have got to where you want the sheet to be, put it down and slide the carrier from underneath.

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