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How to use a gripper door and board carrier?

How to use a gripper door and board carrier

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Gripper door or board carriers Before using a gripper door and board carrier, make sure it’s the right size for the job. All sizes are suitable for use with weights up to about 90kg, as long as you can carry that much weight. There are different size ranges for varying thicknesses of material.
Gripper door and board carriers lift boards and sheet from above

Step 1 – Position carrier

Position the carrier on the edge of the sheet material. Usually you will want to keep the carrier in the middle of an edge, so the sheet will balance. For lifting, the carrier needs to be on the top edge of the material; for pulling horizontally, it should be on the side edge.

door carrier or board carrier. the gripper carrier lifts from above

Step 2 – Lift handle

Lift the handle gently. As you lift, the clamp will start to tighten on the edge of the material. Continuing to lift the handle once the clamp is fully engaged will lift the board.

board carriers and door carriers are used to move doors and other similar boards

Step 3 – Carry sheet

Once the sheet of material is off the floor you need to keep the grip on the carrier steady. Any change in the pressure of the handle can cause the clamps to release. Walk carefully, keeping the balance of the sheet. Gripper door or board carriers are usually designed to lift a board to shoulder height for carrying.

Door carriers or board carriers can be used to move drywall and plasterboard

Step 4 – Release sheet

When you have moved the sheet to where you need it, carefully put it down. Once the weight is taken off the sheet the clamp will automatically release.

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