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Brick bolsters, cold chisels and scutch chisels

Shop for Brick Bolsters, Cold Chisels and Scutch Chisels

Brick bolsters

Cutting a brick using a brick bolster Brick bolsters are designed for cutting brick and stone.

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Cold chisels

Using a cold chisel A cold chisel is a hand held tool used to cut unheated metal.

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Scutch chisels

A scutch comb or scutch chisel being used Scutch combs or scutch chisels are used to remove old rendering prior to starting afresh.

They are designed in such as way that any surface they are used on will be made rough. When rendering, this gives the new mixture something to stick to.

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For more information on scutching tools see What is a scutching tool?

Other chisels

Plugging chisel removing mortar from a wall There are many other chisels available, such as flooring chisel and concrete chisel to name but two.

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