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What is an electricians chisel?

What is an electrician’s chisel?

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A yellow/black electrician's chisel Electrician’s chisels may be used by electricians in order to clear out spaces from walls when installing pattress boxes.
A red flooring chisel Normally, the angle on an electrician’s chisel is duller than on a flooring chisel.
An electrician's bolster Sometimes they may be called electrician’s bolsters.

What are pattress boxes?

A pattress box which sits on the wall Pattress boxes are the boxes behind electrical sockets where wiring is kept in order to protect it from damage. Some of these boxes sit on the wall, whilst others are actually set into the wall.

How to use a chisel in the installation of a pattress box:

Drilling into the wall for a pattress box

Step 1 – Drill series of holes

When installing a pattress box, the user drills into the area where the box will sit.

Chiselling out the hole for a pattress box

Step 2 – Remove remainder with chisel

Then the remaining debris can be chiseled away until the space is empty.

A mason's chisel The type of chisel you use may depend on what material you are trying to chisel through.

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