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What is a chasing chisel?

What is a chasing chisel?

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A red chasing chisel Chasing chisels are sometimes used to cut channels so that cables and wires can be placed in walls. They have a somewhat wider cutting edge than a flat chisel.
A channel in a wall They are known as “chasing” chisels due to the fact that these channels are called “chases”. The process of cutting into these walls is known as “wall chasing”.

How to cut channels in walls with a chasing chisel:

Using plastic conduit to mark a channel which will be chiselled out

Step 1 – Mark channel

Mark the channel you will be cutting out.

Wall chasing with a cold chisel

Step 2 – Use chisel

Chisel out the channel.

Its depth should account for the fact that the wall will need replastering after the cables and plastic conduit have been installed.

A mason's chisel Depending on what material you are chiselling, different chisels may be more appropriate.

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