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What are the different sizes of chisel?

What chisel sizes are available?

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A set of three differently sized red cold chisels Builders’ and cold chisels are available in a variety of different sizes.
The cutting edge of the chisel labelled; "Width of the cutting edge" Sometimes, the measurement given may simply refer to the cutting edge; other times it may refer to the length of the tool.

For certain chisels (such as plugging chisels), the tip may be included as well.

Cold chisel sizes

A red cold chisel Cold chisel cutting edges are available in a number of different sizes. Listed below are just a few. Please note that as size varies by manufacturer, those listed are only approximate (as are the imperial measurements):

  • 16mm (5/8 inch).
  • 25mm (1 inch).

Some cold chisels can have cutting edges as small as 6mm (1/4 inch) or 10mm (3/8 inch).

A yellow "utility" chisel Utility chisels may have a cutting edge of over 30mm (1 & 3/16 inches).

Flooring chisel sizes

A flooring chisel Flooring chisels have a cutting edge of between 55mm (2 & 3/16 inches), and 75mm (2 & 31/32 inches) approximately.

Electricians’ chisel sizes

A yellow/black electrician's chisel with guard As with flooring chisels, electricians’ chisels may be found in sizes of about 55mm (2 & 3/16 inches)  and 75mm (2 & 31/32 inches).

Concrete (point) chisel sizes

A red concrete point chisel For concrete point chisels, it can be difficult to give a measurement for the size of the tip, due to the fact that it narrows to a point. However, the size of the tip can vary, with sizes including approximately 5mm (13/64 inch) and 20mm (51/64 inch).

(fluted) plugging chisel sizes

A red fluted plugging chisel Plugging chisels can be found with cutting edges of various sizes including 16mm (5/8 inch), 25mm (1 inch) and 32mm (1 & 1/4 inches).

Tips can measure approximately 5mm (13/64 inch).

Scutch comb and chisel sizes

A red scutch comb holder Scutch comb holders can be found in multiple sizes, including 25mm (1 inch) and 38mm (1 & 1/2 inches). This also applies to the scutch combs and chisel bits, which can be found in various sizes.

Please note, the user should use bits which are the same size as the scutch comb holder.

Chasing chisel sizes

A red chasing chisel The cutting edges of chasing chisels can measure around 50mm (2 inches).

Masons’ chisel sizes

A yellow mason's chisel Standard masons’ chisels/bolsters can be found in sizes ranging from around 38mm (1& 1/2 inches) to 60mm (2 & 3/8 inches).

Brick bolster sizes

A red brick bolster Brick bolsters can be found in sizes including 70mm (2 & 3/4 inches) and 100mm (4 inches).

Why would you use a smaller chisel?

An electrical socket box where the hole has been removed with a small cold chisel Smaller chisels may be desirable when doing work which is more delicate in nature or when working in a smaller environment, such as removing holes from pattress boxes for cables.
Using a flooring chisel to lift floorboards In addition, a longer chisel may be useful when trying to get into hard to reach areas or when removing floorboards.

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