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What is a scutch comb chisel?

 What is a scutch chisel or comb?

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A scutch comb holder with a comb (bottom right) and chisel bit (top left) A scutch comb holder is a tool designed to be equipped with specially designed bits known as scutch combs.

There are also special chisel bits (sometimes referred to as “droves”) which can also be used in the holder.

Rendering a wall They are frequently used during the process of rendering.

What is rendering?

Rendering in progress When someone refers to “rendering” in construction, they are referring to the process of adding a thin layer to a wall, often the wall of a building. This layer is made from a mixture consisting of lime plaster, cement and sand.
A rain cloud and rain Rendering helps to limit the damage caused to the walls by forces such as the weather. It can also provide added warmth to a building.
A scutch comb/chisel being used

Why are scutch combs used in rendering?

Scutch combs are used to remove old rendering prior to starting afresh.

They are designed in such as way that any surface they are used on will be made rough. When rendering, this gives the new mixture something to stick to.

What else can scutch combs and chisels be used for?

A channel in a wall Scutch combs, or scutch chisels as they are also known, may also be used before a chasing chisel when creating channels in walls for cables. The toothed edge of the combs may help prevent cracks appearing in the wall.

What other tools are available?

A scutch hammer with comb and chisel bits beneath it A similar tool is the scutch comb hammer, which is compatible with the bits from the scutch chisel.

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