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What is a concrete point chisel?

What is a concrete (point) chisel?

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A red concrete (point) chisel Concrete (point) chisels are used primarily on concrete. Having a sharp tip rather than a sharp edge means that this chisel is better suited to cutting through concrete.
A flat chisel A flat chisel may sometimes be used in order to outline any channels beforehand.
Chiselling away at a concrete crack with a bolster Chisels can also be used to help when sealing cracks in concrete.

How to use a chisel when sealing cracks in concrete:

Filling in a concrete crack When you discover a crack in a concrete surface, it will be necessary to fill it with a sealant of some description, such as cement or mortar.
Simple line diagram of a "concrete crack" As such, it is advised that you chisel into the concrete to create what is in essence an inverted “V” shape (as shown in the diagram), before filling in the crack.
This process is known as “keying”, and the shape helps to prevent the sealant from expanding and forcing its way out of the crack.
A very large concrete crack Of course, how you go about repairing concrete depends very much on just how large the crack is!

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