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How do you anneal a chisel?

How to anneal a chisel

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A broken woodworking chisel After you have hardened the cold chisel, it is very brittle. This means that it may break when it is used.
Cold molecules (left) and hot molecules (right) By allowing the steel molecules to cool down more slowly, and thus not come together as quickly, annealing removes some of the brittleness.
A set of bars made from low carbon steel Annealing is essential on steels of lower carbon content.


Step 1 – Reheating steel

Reheat the steel to a bright red colour.

A cold chisel (left) and box of sand (right)

Step 2 – Slowly cooling steel

Allow the steel to cool slowly in sand or in the open air.

  Wonkee Donkee says "Leaving the steel to cool in the open air is called normalising."
Your cold chisel is now ready for tempering. The cutting edge will need to be harder than the annealed body.

Because annealing softens steel, the process may also be performed before hardening in order to shape the metal into a cold chisel.

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