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What is a flooring chisel?

What is a flooring chisel?

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A red flooring chisel Flooring chisels are frequently used when breaking and lifting up floorboards. They are usually somewhat longer than other chisels, and the cutting edge of the chisel is designed to slice through the tongue section of tongue and groove flooring and subsequently help to lift the board up.
An electrician's bolster Flooring chisels may sometimes be known as “electricians’ (flooring) chisels” or “electricians’ bolsters”.
A yellow and black electrician's chisel with modified handle and a guard It should be noted that there may be an overlap between flooring chisels and electricians’ chisels, although traditionally the angle on a flooring chisel is sharper.
An electrician's flooring chisel with a curved section near the cutting edge Sometimes a slightly different design may be employed, such as this curved section designed to assist with gaining leverage on the floorboard.

What are tongue and groove floorboards?

Tongue and groove floorboard with the raised section (the "tongue") on the left side and the recessed groove on the right Tongue and groove floorboards (such as the one shown to the left) are a type of floorboard designed with a raised section along one side and a recessed groove along the other.

The raised section slots into the recessed groove on an adjoining floorboard.

How to use a flooring chisel to raise floorboards:

Using a flooring chisel to lift floorboards

Step 1 – Break tongue

Should the user wish to raise tongue and groove floorboards, the tongue must be broken in order to release them.

Skirting board Before removing the flooring, it is important to remove any skirting board, as this will get in the way.
Lifting up floorboards with a flooring chisel

Step 2 – Lift floorboard

The floorboard can then be lifted up using the chisel.

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