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What are the different types of chisel handles?

What are the different types of chisel handle?

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Wood chisels with handles Some builders’ and cold chisels may differ from woodworking chisels in that they may not have a distinct handle.
A cold chisel without a "handle" Instead, many are simply made from one piece of metal, without a separate “handle” component.
An octagon (left) and a hexagon (right) The handle-end may come in a variety of different shapes, including octagons and hexagons. This may be because the chisels were made from metal already in this shape.
Holding a cold chisel However, shapes with more faces, such as octagons, do offer a greater grip for the user.

What features do some handles have?

A protective grip

Protective grips

A protective grip is designed to protect the user’s hand.

Placed on the handle of a chisel, the grip has a guard on the end which is designed to give some measure of protection should you accidentally miss the chisel with your hammer. Some chisels have guards built into them.

A cold chisel with a special grip on the handle

Modified handles

Sometimes, the handles of chisels may be modified in order to protect or to provide additional comfort for the user. This may be achieved through a protective grip (as seen above), or by altering the handle (perhaps to include a guard or special grip).

A chasing chisel advertised as having a modification to the head

Modified heads

In addition, manufacturers may modify the heads to limit or delay damage to the chisel. These practices may vary between manufacturers and may be given various names.

A yellow and black chisel with a guard advertised as having a modification to its head Domed heads, for example, are less prone to mushrooming.

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