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What type of hammer should you use with a chisel?

What type of hammer should you
use with a chisel?

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A ball pein hammer As mentioned earlier, chisels cut into materials when they are struck with a hammer.

As a general rule, you should use a hammer with double the surface area of the head of the chisel you wish to hit.
A very heavy hammer It is important to use a hammer heavy enough to allow the chisel to work. Light hammers may also have the tendency to spring back up.
A ball pein hammer (left) and a club (or lump) hammer (right) A commonly-used hammer is a club (also called a lump) hammer, although other hammers such as a ball pein hammer may be used.
A ball pein hammer being used on a cold chisel A ball pein hammer is a hammer with one flat end and one rounded end. It is frequently used with metal objects, such as cold chisels.
A claw hammer The use of claw hammers may be discouraged on account of their low weight.
A telephone You may wish to contact your chisel manufacturer to ask which type of hammer is best to use.
A carver's mallet Stone masons may sometimes use a wooden carver’s (or carving) mallet whilst working stone, as there is less power in a mallet strike. Heads with a barrel-like shape remove the need to hit the chisel with a specific face.
A nylon mallet Some mallets may be made from nylon, due to its longer life expectancy.

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