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What sort of jobs can you use builders and cold chisels for?

What are builder’s and cold chisels used for?

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Sodium being cut with a knife; sodium is an example of a soft metal Builders’ and cold chisels can be used for a wide variety of different uses.

A cold chisel, which can be used to cut any metal which is softer than itself, can be used for jobs including:

Sheets of metal
  • Cutting through sheets of metal which are too thick for tin snips.
A cold chisel with the cutting edge placed under the rivet head, ready to remove it
  • Removing old bolts and nuts which may have corroded/rusted and become stuck, or removing rivet heads which are not needed anymore.
Brick bolster (left) and concrete (point) chisel (right) Other types of builders’ chisels can be used for jobs including:
Brick bolster being used on a brick
  • Cutting bricks (where half-bricks may be needed for bricklaying).
A chisel with a guard being hit with a hammer to break concrete
  • Removing waste from within concrete cracks before filling them.

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