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What is a masons chisel?

What is a mason’s chisel?

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A mason's chisel The mason’s chisel is designed to be used on materials such as stone.

Sometimes, the name “mason’s bolster” may be used for those chisels with wider cutting edges.

What is a pitching chisel?

A pitching chisel A pitching chisel is a type of mason’s chisel which has a chunkier edge.

What other types of mason’s chisel are there?

Bullnose chisel (top); claw (tooth) chisel (bottom left); fishtail chisel (bottom right) There are a wide variety of other chisels used in stonemasonry, especially during sculpting and shaping. These include: the bullnose chisel, fishtail chisel and claw (sometimes referred to as a tooth) chisel.

How to use a mason’s chisel:

Creating two parallel lines with a masons chisel

Step 1 – Mark lines

Mark two parallel lines on each side of the material to be cut.

Chiselling a groove

Step 2 – Create channel

Using these lines as a guide, create a deep, pointed (“V” shaped) channel.

A stone which has broken following chiselling This will cause the structure to weaken.

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