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How is hardness determined?

How is “hardness” determined?

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A hardness comparison table from a Zeus Chart When purchasing chisels, some of them may be given a hardness rating.
A diagram of the Rockwell hardness test This indicates that the hardness of the chisel has been determined through a test, such as a Rockwell hardness test.
A labelled diagram of a cold chisel cutting edge For a cold chisel made from some types of steel, the Rockwell C rating (HRC) may be approximately 54 – 60 for the cutting edge…
A labelled diagram of a cold chisel's head …and approximately 36 – 44 for the head.
A beryllium copper cold chisel The higher the number, the harder the material.

This will of course vary depending on several factors, including the type of steel.

For cold chisels made from other metals and other types of builders’ chisels this rating may also be different.

A file To test how hard a piece of steel is at home, the user can run a file across the steel’s surface. The harder it is, the easier the file will run off the metal.

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