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What is a surform tool used for?

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A surform is primarily used on wood A surform tool is primarily used for the shaping and trimming of wood, because it is easy to control and can be used at a fast pace to remove unwanted material.
A surform tool can be used on all types of wood It can be used on both hardwood, such as oak, beech and mahogany, and softwood, such as larch, pine and spruce.
A surform tool can be used on other materials such as plastic Along with wood, it can also be used on many other materials, including plastic, aluminium, copper, laminates, foam and plasterboard.
A surform tool can be used to sand down furniture A surform tool can be used for a variety of jobs, for example in the manufacturing of furniture pieces.
A suform tool is often used to shape surfboards Additional uses commonly include shaping surfboards, making sculptures, and trimming plasterboard down to size.
 Donkee says 'A surform tool can be used either left or right-handed'

Other types of surforms

Speciality surforms are used to shape horse's hooves A speciality surform is used by farriers (a person who shoes horses) to remove excess hoof wall from a horse’s hoof.

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