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How to replace the blade on a surform file?

How to replace the blade on a surform file?

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Surform file blade will need replacing when dull Once the blade on your surform file has dulled it should be replaced, as a dull blade will only scratch and damage the surface of your workpiece, rather than file it.
A screw releases the blade on a surform file Each type of surform file has at least one screw which fastens the blade to the body, and releases the blade when unscrewed. As the screws can be situated differently, the steps may vary slightly, depending on which type you are using.

A metal-bodied flat file has a metal screw placed at the front of the tool. A screwdriver will most likely be needed to undo this type of screw.

Plastic bodied surform flat file with screw A flat file with a plastic body has a quick-release screw which can be easily undone without a screwdriver, allowing for rapid release of the blade compared to a conventional metal screw. The quick-release screw is positioned underneath the handle.
A round file has two screws A round file differs again, as this type has two screws, one on the thumb grip (which is removable once unscrewed) and one situated on the handle. Both of these screws will need to be undone in order to replace the blade on a round file.
Undo the screw by rotating it anti-clockwise

Step 1 – Unscrew blade

To loosen the screws, simply rotate them in an anti-clockwise direction, using a screwdriver if needed. This will release the blade.

Un-clip the blade from the surform body

Step 2 – Remove blade

Remove the blade from the rest of the tool by pulling it out of the body’s frame. For a round file, simply remove the blade from the end of the handle.

 Donkee says 'Remember to dispose of your old blade safely'
Clip new blade onto surform body

Step 3 – Attach new blade

Attach the new blade to the body of the surform tool by clipping it into position. The blade will have a fastener on either end, with a hole in the middle for the screw to fit through.

The direction of the teeth on a surform tool If you wish to use your surform file on a pull stroke you should attach the blade with the teeth pointing towards the handle, whereas if you wish to use it on a push stroke they should be pointing away from the handle.
Tighten the screw by rotating it clockwise

Step 4 – Fasten blade

Install each screw back into the correct slot, making sure to insert the end through the hole in the blade fastener. Tighten the screws by rotating them in a clockwise direction. This will fasten the new blade to the rest of the tool and keep it firmly in place.

The new blade has been successfully attached The blade has now been successfully replaced and your surform tool is ready to be used.

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