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What are the parts of a surform file?

What are the parts of a surform file?

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What are the parts of a surform file?
Parts of a surform file A surform file has three main parts – the blade, the handle and the body.


Surform file blade is the part that shapes an object The blade of a surform file is the part that grates the material of a workpiece, in order to give it the desired shape.
A blade has lots of small holes in it with 'teeth' The blade is made out of metal and has lots of small holes punched through it, with the rim of each hole being shaped to form a sharp cutting edge. These rims can often be referred to as the ‘teeth’.

Although the ‘teeth’ should not be sharpened, a surform blade is replaceable, meaning once the rims have dulled the blade can be easily removed and quickly replaced with a new one.

Different types of surform blades available Depending on the type of surform file in use, different types of blade can be attached, including a flat, fine cut, half round and round. For more information, see What are the different types of surform blade?


A surform file's handle is contoured for comfort The handle of a surform file is often contoured to provide a comfortable grip for the user during tasks.


Some surform files have a moulded body The blade of a surform file is usually attached to a moulded body, which can be made from either plastic or metal. The body is often shaped so that waste material is captured in the middle and can be disposed of at intervals, preventing mess in the work area.

Additional parts

A thumb grip provides extra support for the user

Thumb grip

The majority of surform files have a thumb grip on the opposite end to the handle. It is designed to allow the user extra grip on the tool when working on difficult surfaces.

A quick-release screw allows for rapid removal of a blade

Quick-release screw

Some surform files have a thumb screw which can be undone using the hands, without need for a screwdriver. This allows for quick release of the blade from the body. A quick-release screw means a user can rapidly detach a dull blade and replace it with a new one without wasting time.

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