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What is a Surform File?

What is a surform file?

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A surform file is a combination of a file and a rasp A surform file is used to cut very fine amounts of material from a workpiece. It is a tool that can often be seen as a combination of a file and a rasp.

What is the difference between a file and a rasp?

What is the difference between a file and a rasp? A file and a rasp are very similar in many ways. The distinction between them is usually in people’s perception of the tool rather than the technical difference between the two.

Despite their similarities, there are some differences in how the tool works.

Rasps have larger teeth than files A rasp is generally used to quickly remove material from a workpiece, and usually leaves a very coarse finish on the surface. This is because it has larger ‘teeth’, which are spread further apart.
A file has much smaller teeth than a rasp A file, on the other hand, usually has much smaller teeth than a rasp, which are usually in a closer proximity to one another.

A rasp, therefore, is ideal for the initial rapid removal of material, whereas a file is designed to smooth down a surface area on a workpiece.

Is a surform file a file or a rasp?

A surform can be used as a file and a rasp A surform file can, for this reason, be referred to as either a file or a rasp because different blades can be attached to allow the tool to perform different types of tasks.

A standard flat blade can be attached for fast removal of material, similarly to how a rasp would work. A fine cut blade can later be attached to the tool to create a smoother finish on the surface, similarly to a file.

What are the different types of surform file?

Surform files are available in flat or round versions A surform file is available in either a flat or a round version.
Flat files can be used in guitar making

Flat file

A flat surform file is ideal for filing down large or straight surfaces, or creating slight convex curves in an object. For example, a flat file is commonly used for guitar making as it is an ideal tool for creating a slight and even curvature on the guitar body.

Round files can be used to enlarge holes or curves

Round file

A round surform file is ideal for smoothing or enlarging the inside of holes, and filing concave curves.

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