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What are surform tools made of?

What are surform tools made of?

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The blade is made from stainless steel The blade of a surform tool is commonly made from stainless steel, an alloy made with a minimum of 10.5% chromium content.
A stainless steel blade will not rust Stainless steel is often used because it is a low maintenance metal, meaning it is durable and unlikely to rust due to its corrosion-resistant qualities.
Stainless steel surform blade A rust-resistant metal is ideal for a surform, as it is a tool that will be used on a variety of different materials and in different environments.


Handle of a surform tool made from plastic The handle of a surform tool is usually made from plastic.
A surform handle is designed to be comfortable The plastic is often contoured into a specific shape, making it comfortable for the user to hold on to during use.
Plastic is not as surable as some other materials A negative element to consider with a plastic handle is that it is not as strong as other materials and may break if too much force is applied.


A surform may have a moulded plastic body around the blade Not all surform tools have a body surrounding the blade. However, if they do, a common material used is plastic – similar to the handle – as it is lightweight and easy to grip on to.
A surform may have a metal body Alternatively, a surform tool may have a die-cast metal body to which the blade attaches. A metal body is used for heavier-duty surforms because metal is stronger than plastic, making it is less likely to break.

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