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What is a Surform Tool?

What is a surform tool?

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A surform tool is used to shave material A surform tool is a manually operated device that can shave thin strips of material away, in order to form and shape a surface area on a workpiece. It is a versatile tool that can complete the type of work done with conventional files, rasps, planes, draw knives and spoke shaves, due to its unique cutting blade.
Donkee says 'The word surform is a combination of surface and form'
A surform blade has large cutting holes in it The blade is made of steel and is designed with holes punched through it, with the rim of each hole sharpened to form a cutting edge. The blade is connected to a handle or a moulded body which the user holds on to when working with the tool.
A surfrom tools is usually used for woodworking amongst other tasks A surform tool is a light-to-medium-duty tool and is commonly used for woodworking. However, it can also be used on a range of other materials, such as plastic, soft metals and laminates.
A surform tool is similar to a cheese grater A surform tool works like a cheese grater, by shaving thin bits of material away from a workpiece.
There are various types of surfrom tools available There are different types available, with various styles of blade and handle, including surform files, surform planes and a surform shavers.
A surform can also be called a multi-rasp A surform tool is also called a multi-rasp by some manufacturers.

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