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What is a Surform Shaver?

What is a surform shaver?

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A surform shaver is a small and compact surform tool A surform shaver is a compact and lightweight type of surform tool which, as the name suggests, shaves thin ribbons of material away from a surface.

What is a surform shaver used for?

A surform shaver has a small curved blade It has a small, curved blade which easily grates through many materials, including wood, plastic, and plasterboard. This makes the surform shaver effective in removing large quantities of material, at a fast pace.

The size of the tool means it is especially useful in awkward areas where a larger surform tool may not be able to reach.

Blade of a surform shaver has side-cut teeth The blade on a surform shaver also has side-cut teeth, meaning it is designed with a cutting edge all along one side. For more information, see What are the parts of a surform shaver?

This feature makes it a useful tool for shaving into corners.

Surform shaver can be used for removing filler The type of work a surform shaver can be used for includes stripping paint, smoothing down plaster, and removing filler from a surface.

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