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What are the parts of a surform shaver?

What are the parts of a surform shaver?

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What are the parts of a surform shaver?
Surform shaver parts Similarly to the other types of surform tool, a surform shaver has three main parts – the blade, the handle, and the body.

The main difference between a surform shaver and the larger types of surform tool is that it does not have any additional parts, such as a thumb grip or a quick-release screw. This makes the surform shaver the simplest type in terms of design.


The blade on a surform shaver is the part that cuts A surform shaver is designed to be used with a shaver blade.

The blade is the part that shapes a workpiece, through the process of shaving thin and narrow pieces of material away.

A shaver blade has side-cut teeth It does this through small, rimmed holes which are punched through the metal blade. The rims are specially shaped to form a sharp cutting edge, which grates any material it comes into contact with.

A surform shaver often has a blade with side-cut teeth, meaning it has a serrated edge along one side, in order to allow it to cut in tight corners and awkward areas.

Surform shaver blades are replaceable The blade is replaceable, meaning once it has dulled it can be removed from the body of the surform, and a new one can be installed.


A surform shaver has a rounded handle The handle of a surform shaver is rounded for comfort during use.


The body of the surform shaver allows wastage material to pass through The blade is situated at the end of a moulded body. The body has a space in the middle to allow waste material to pass through without clogging the holes in the blade.

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