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How to use a surform plane?

How to use a surform plane

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How to use a surform plane Shaping a workpiece should be easy with a surform plane. The following steps explain the best way to use your tool.
Check the blade of the surform plane before using

Step 1 – Check blade

Ideally, a surform blade should only be used in one direction to prevent damaging the blade. Before you begin, check whether your blade is set to be used on the push or the pull stroke.

 Donkee says 'Most surform planes are used on a push stroke'
Hold the handle in a comfortable position

Step 2 – Grip handle

Grip the handle of the surform plane, holding it in the most comfortable position.

Remember to use the thumb grip for extra support if needed.

Grip the handle of the surform plane

Step 3 – Start shaping

Place the blade of the surform plane onto the workpiece and, using short strokes, push the tool in a forward motion along the area to be shaped. The tool will shave thin pieces of material from the workpiece, and the wastage will come through the holes of the blade.

Repeat steps until your workpiece is shaped Repeat this step until the surface of your workpiece has been formed into the desired shape.
Surform planes can be used in sideways strokes A surform plane can also be moved in sideways strokes, rather than just in a forwards motion.
Clean blade if the material wastage builds up

Step 4 – Clean blade

As the surform is being repeatedly used to grate pieces of material away, debris may build up on the blade, causing the perforated holes to clog. To avoid this, clean the blade with a fine wire brush every now and then to keep the holes clear and the blade cutting efficiently.

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