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How does a surform tool work?

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Surform tool works by shaving material to shape an object A surform tool works by cutting thin strips of material from a workpiece, in order to smooth down or shape the object.
A surfrom tool works by either being pushed or pulled, depending on the model The tool is either pushed or pulled (depending on the way the blade is installed) across the surface of a workpiece, shaving material off in a similar way to a grater.
 Donkee says 'A surform blade may be reversible'
Steel surform blade with perforated holes The steel blade has a large number of perforations in it. The holes have sharp cutting rims, often referred to as ‘teeth’, which are usually positioned at a 45 degree angle to the blade, allowing them to dig into the surface and easily chip off material as they slide along it.
Waste material passes through the holes The waste material passes through the holes as the tool cuts.
Larger surform tools can be used two-handed Smaller surform tools can be used one-handed, while some larger types are designed for two-handed use.
A surform tool may leave a coarse finish A surform tool is quick and easy to use, ideal for when a user wishes to rapidly shape and trim wood and other materials. However, a negative aspect to a surform tool is that it can leave a coarse finish on the material, meaning the worked surface area may need sanding down afterwards using sandpaper or a similar abrasive tool.

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