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What are the different types of surform tool?

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Various types of surform tool available Each type of surform tool is designed for a slightly different purpose and to be used in a different way. The different types include a file, a plane, and a shaver.

Surform file

A surform file is a combination of a file and a rasp A surform file is often considered a combination of a regular file and a rasp.
Surform files are used for shaping and smoothing down a workpiece It is designed for cutting very fine amounts of material from a workpiece, but at a very fast pace, allowing a user to shape the surface of an object effectively.
Different types of surform file available Different types are available, including flat and rounded versions. For more information, see What is a surform file?

Surform plane

A surform plane is used to flatten and form a smooth surface on an object A surform plane is used to flatten and reduce the thickness of a piece of material.
A surform plane is ideal for smoothing down surfaces It is ideal for creating horizontal, vertical and inclined flat surfaces on a workpiece.
Different types of surform plane Different types of surform plane are available, such as flat and block types. For more information, see What is a surform plane?

Surform shaver

A surform shaver is for use in awkward areas A surform shaver is ideal for small or awkward cuts, when a larger surform tool may not be appropriate.
A surform shaver is commonly used for smoothing down paint or filler It is commonly used for stripping paint from a surface or smoothing down filler and plaster.  For more information, see What is a surform shaver?

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