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How to use a surform shaver?

How to use a surform shaver?

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How to use a surform shaver Simply follow the steps below for a quick and easy guide on how to use your surform shaver.
The first step is to grip the handle of the surform shaver

Step 1 – Grip handle

Grip the handle of the surform shaver, making sure it is in a comfortable position.

A surform can be used either left or right-handed A surform shaver can be used in either the left or right hand.
Start shaping by pulling the blade across the surface

Step 2 – Start shaping

Place the blade on the area to be shaved. A surform shaver is designed to be used on the pull stroke, differing from the way other surforms usually work. Begin shaping the surface by pulling the tool towards you.

The holes in the blade grate the material away from the surface The holes in the blade will grate the surface area, removing thin strips of material with every stroke. Repeat this step until the workpiece is the desired shape.
You may need to clean the blade after repeated use

Step 3 – Clean blade

The blade of your surform shaver may become clogged with waste material. If this happens, lightly clean the blade with a fine wire brush to remove any debris that has built up in the perforated holes.

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