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What are wood screws?


What are wood screws?



  Steel and brass wood screws  

Wood screws are usually made of coated steel or brass.



  A wood screw in a piece of timber  

They are designed for use in hard and softwoods, MDF and chipboard.



  A gold wood screw with a countersunk head  

Head shape

Wood screws have a range of different head shapes, but most have countersunk heads.  

  A gold wood screw with a pozidriv drive  

Drive type

They are available with a range of different drive types, but the most common is a pozidriv.

  Tapered wood screw body  

Body shape and tip

All wood screws have a tapered body ending in a pointed tip. This is so they can cut their own thread when being driven into wood.

  Fully threaded screw and partially threaded screw  


Wood screws can be fully or partially-threaded. Their threads can be either single or twin, and will usually be coarse.


How are they inserted?

  Pilot hole  

When inserting a wood screw you may need to drill a pilot hole first.


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