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What are plasterboard screws?


What are plasterboard screws?



  Black phosphate case-hardened steel drywall screw  

Plasterboard or “drywall” screws are usually made of case-hardened steel.



  Putting up drywall using drywall screws  

These types of screws are designed for use in plasterboard applications.



  Bugle head screw  

Head shape

Drywall/plasterboard screws typically have bugle heads.

  Silver drywall screw with a phillips drive  

Drive type

Drywall/plasterboard screws have several different drive types but the most common is Phillips.

  Drywall screw with tapered body and pointed tip  

Body shape and tip

They always have a tapered body and a sharp, pointed tip.

  Drywall screws with different threads  


These screws can be fully or partially-threaded, their threads can be fine or coarse and can be single or twin/double.


How are they inserted?

  Drywall and metal stud with a drywall screw  

Drywall/plasterboard screws are usually used with an anchor or a metal stud.


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