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What is a Phillips screw drive design?


What is a Phillips screw drive design?

  Screw with philips drive  

A Phillips drive is characterised by a cross-shaped recess with rounded edges at the cross sections

  Philips screw drive from above  

Phillips drive as viewed from above.

  Screwdriver bit with philips head  

Which screwdriver bit?

A screw with a Phillips drive is designed to be driven with a Phillips screwdriver bit. Ensure you select the correct size bit for your screw.


For more information, see section: How to select the correct screwdriver bit for the screw.

Advantages    Disadvantages
  • Phillips bits have a blunt tip which allows the screwdriver bit to cam out when a lot of torque is applied. This prevents it from over tightening the screw

  • Compared to the slotted design, Phillips allows the screwdriver bit to sit more securely in the screw’s drive, allowing for greater torque to be applied


  • Frequent camming out can cause damage to the screw and the work surface, as well as wear down the screwdriver bit

  • The Phillips design looks very similar to the frearson and pozidriv design, which often leads to customers purchasing the wrong screwdriver bit for their screw, or vice versa


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