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What are machine screws?


What are machine screws?



  Steel and metal screw  

Machine screws are usually made of steel or brass.



  An example of a silver machine screw in a piece of steel  

They are designed for use in metals and can only be used with a nut or in a tapped hole.



  Truss, countersunk and round screw heads  

Head shape

Machine screws have a range of different head shapes including countersunk, round and truss.

  Machine screw  

Drive type

They have a range of different drive types, but the most common is Phillips.

  Machine screws  

Body shape and tip

Most machine screws have a straight body with a flat tip.

  Fine threads on a machine screw  


Machine screws can be fully or partially-threaded. Their threads are usually fine and can be either single or twin/double.


How are they inserted?

  Machine screw and nut  

They must be inserted into a tapped hole or they can be used with a nut.


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